My Date with Drew

                     I have a friend who is a filmmaker and we’ve often brainstormed about ways of getting her
             scripts to the actor or actress she had in mind when she wrote the piece. It becomes a real-life
             version of that “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game. Well, it wasn’t much of a stretch for Brian
             Herzlinger to apply a similar technique for his quest, which was to obtain a date with his childhood
             crush – Drew Barrymore. Herzlinger and two buddies, Jon Gunn and Brett Winn, documented his
             attempts in the film

                     The idea all started when Herzlinger appeared on a game show pilot and won $1100. The
             answer he had to make his teammates guess? Why, Drew Barrymore, of course. Instead of taking
             his winnings and applying them to something practical (like buying food, for instance) Herzlinger
             came up with the crazy notion of trying to gain a date with the actress. Although he was working
             as an intern in show business, he was woefully short of connections that would assist him in this
             quest. But his buddies knew people who knew people who might know people, so off he set.
             Armed with a camera from Circuit City (which has a thirty-day return policy), the trio set out
             to make a film about Herzlinger’s attempts to meet Drew Barrymore.

                     At first, Herzlinger comes on way too strong and his presence borders on the annoying. But
             gradually after he faces setback after setback with the resolve of Sysyphus, he begins to earn the
             audience’s sympathy. (It also helped his cause when he finally got savvy enough to turn to the Internet
             and created a website.)

                     MY DATE WITH DREW isn’t going to set new standards in the world of the nonfiction film,
             but one its own merits, it’s a pleasant piece with a message that is fairly simple: follow your dreams.

                                 Rating:                        B-
                                 MPAA Rating:            PG for mild thematic elements and language
                                 Running time:              90 mins.

                                                         Viewed at Magno Review One
©  2005 by C. E. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.