One of the centerpiece films at the 17th Annual NewFest was
   MY SUMMER OF LOVE, Pawel Pawlikowski’s award-winning follow-up
    to his acclaimed

             A romantic drama about two young girls from different worlds,
   MY SUMMER OF LOVE is based on the novel by Helen Cross.
    Pawlikowski and Michael Wynne crafted a superb adaptation, taking
    great liberties with the original source material but remaining faithful
    to the tone and spirit of Cross’ novel.

            Ginger-haired, freckled faced Mona (Natalie Press in an auspicious
    film debut) lives with her brother Phil, a born-again Christian (the always
    superb Paddy Considine), over The Swan, what was formerly their
    family’s pub but is now a sort of religious meeting house. Mona is
    chafing under her brother’s newfound fervor (at one point she breaks
    down in tears claiming she doesn’t have any family left). On a beautiful,
    sunny day, she encounters the slightly mysterious Tamsin (a terrific
    Emily Blunt) who tells her from the start that “I’m a bad influence on
    people.” Rather than heading the warning, Mona is drawn to the young
    girl and the girls eventually form a friendship that gives way to a deeper

            Pawlikowski has directed the material with sensitivity and honesty.
    The relationship between Mona and Tamsin is presented without
    prurience and is quite believable thanks to the nuanced acting of the

                                     Rating:                        B+

                            Viewed at the Broadway Screening Room
Copyright 2005 by C.E. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.
My Summer of Love