Tell Me I'm Pretty
(J'me sens pas belle)

       One of the weaker efforts in this year's "Rendez-Vous with French Cinema,"
TELL ME I'M PRETTY (J'me sens pas belle) is basically a two-hander about a couple
on a first date. Well, it's a first date in the eyes of Fanny (Marina Foïs); the object
of her affection, Paul (Julien Bosselier, who also co-stars in
CLARA ET MOI) doesn't
seem to be aware of Fanny's romantic impulses.

       Writer-director Bernard Jeanjean seems to be attempting to put a spin on
the typical romantic comedy, but the characters as written aren't terribly
interesting, especially Fanny. She veers wildly from mood to mood that one begins
to think that the movie might head into
FATAL ATTRACTION territory (albeit
played for comedy).

       Foïs and Bosselier do yeoman work as the would-be lovers but they are
stranded by the script and Jeanjean's torpid direction.  For some, the movie
might have some charms as it unfolds, but afterwards, I would bet that the
viewer could not recall much about it.

                                               Rating:                D+

                        Viewed at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center
                        2005 Rendez-vous with French Cinema