After I saw this film at NewFest and posted my reactions, I checked out what other
critics wrote about it, and I have to say I wondered if we saw the same movie. Of
course, since I started reviewing films close to a decade ago, I've often found myself
"out of step" with what others say about movies. Whether or not my taste is too
eclectic and not mainstream enough or that I have (ahem) superior taste should
probably be left for others to determine.

Getting back to
I have to say that I enjoyed the film. Adapted from
the comic strip by Eric Orner, the
movie revolves around Ethan (Daniel Letterle of
CAMP), a personal assistant to
a closeted television weatherman. As the film opens, he has found a boyfriend in
Kyle (Diego Serrano), a professional ballplayer who has recently come out and
written a book about it.

With Ethan's track record, his family and friends, including his wedding  planner
mom (Meredith Baxter), his lesbian roommate Charlotte (Shanola Hampton), his
cross-dressing buddies the Hat Sisters (Joel Brooks and Richard Riehle) and his
ex-boyfriend Leo Worth (David Monahan) are  sceptical, to say the least. When Leo
announces that he is selling the house in which Ethan lives, all sorts of complications
arise. Added in the mix are a depressed realtor with the ironic name of Sunny Deal
(Rebecca Lowman), a Log Cabin Republican courting Leo (Scott Atkinson) and a
horny teenage real estate assistant named Punch (Dean Shelton).

Because it is based on a comic strip that isn't noted for strong  story lines, David
Vernon's screenplay is naturally episodic. Some of  the contrivances he creates are
pretzel-like in their twists and turns,  but the film retains a lively bounce, thanks in part
to George Bamber's direction and also because of the commitment of the actors.
Letterle anchors the movie as the somewhat shallow Ethan while Monahan and
Shelton handle their roles with aplomb. Perhaps, the biggest surprise is Meredith
Baxter as Ethan's complicated mom.

To me,
was a pleasant romp. I laughed out loud at several of the set pieces and enjoyed the
performances. At the screening I attended, I wasn't alone  in my enjoyment, so see it
and make up your own mind.        

                   Rating:                    B
                   MPAA Rating:       R for strong sexual content and language
                   Running time:        88 mins.
The Mostly Unfabulous
Social Life of Ethan Green
©  2006 by C. E. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.