One of the things that sets this film apart from the usual fare is
its setting. Instead of one of the typical metropolitan centers in which
to set a film, the filmmakers have opted to place the action in Cleveland.
That's right, Cleveland. The city that has been the butt of jokes for as
long as I can remember. Well, it turns out that it isn't such a bad place.
And Priscilla Chase (Parker Posey) feels the same way -- even if it is her
job to sell the city to prospective businesses.

As the film opens, Priscilla has just been promoted to vice
president and she rushes home to celebrate with her husband, Jack
(Paul Rudd). She and Jack have been married for a decade and seem
to have it all. No one's life is problem free, though, and this seemingly
perfect couple has a major issue: Paul cannot seem to fulfill Priscilla in
the bedroom. The truth is, Priscilla is frigid. She confesses to a female pal
that she has never enjoyed an orgasm. For her, it's no big deal, but to Jack,
it's a threat to and insult of his masculinity. When a couples' counselor
suggests that Priscilla might try a vibrator, the couple find the idea amusing.
But when Priscilla finally breaks down and gets one (and discovers the joy
of solo sex), Jack is totally broken. He moves first into the garage and later
into a bachelor pad before embarking on an affair with one of his students
(Mischa Barton). At this point, the film sort of splits, following both Jack
and Priscilla as they attempt to navigate the turbulent waters of being

Priscilla deals with the split by sleeping with numerous men and
even the woman who sold her the vibrator (Heather Graham in an unbilled
role). None of whom, though, are able to compete with her mechanical
friend. Jack begins a self-improvement regimen, loses some weight and
gains back some of his confidence. For her part, Priscilla eventually finds
an unlikely companion in the much older Wayne (Danny DeVito), a local

Posey does an admirable job playing the tightly-wound Priscilla and
manages to make her transition to a looser, more relaxed woman believable.
Rudd carries off his role as the sardonic, not always likable Jack with aplomb.
DeVito is charming in his role.
THE OH IN OHIO is a pleasant and amusing
film that manages to take a somewhat grown-up view of sex.

                Rating:                B -
                MPAA Rating:       NONE
                Running time:      88 mins.

                        Viewed on DVD

The Oh in Ohio
©  2006 by C. E. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.