Thanks to the success of Jennie Livingston's acclaimed documentary
  PARIS IS BURNING, audiences became familiar with the drag ball of
  Harlem. Although one can trace this phenomenon back decades, the
  drag balls peopled by the African-American and Latino gay and lesbian
  community became mainstream thanks in part to Livingston's film.
  It certainly didn't hurt when Madonna offered her imprimatur with the
  music video
"Vogue" and her subsequent tour that included several
  prominent performers in her entourage (and which was shown in
  depth in the nonfiction film

         In the culture of these drag balls, anyone active pre-1990 is
  considered part of the "Old School Legends" (and sadly, many of those
  profiled in Livingston's documentary are no longer with us). Since the 90s,
  director Wolfgang Busch has been compiling footage of those who
  succeeded the Legends -- the so-called "New School" -- many of whom
  are the subjects of his nonfiction motion picture

          Busch enjoyed unprecedented access and his film is generally
  an enjoyable update on the "scene." But if anything, the director has
  tried too hard to incorporate everyone and everything. As a result, the
  film is a bit too loose and unfocused in stretches. After a while, one
  loses sight of who is who and interest wanes a bit. This became         
  especially clear as
HOW DO I LOOK was winding down. Busch
  seemed to be at a loss as to how to end the film. There's a great
  deal of repetition that mars an otherwise agreeable movie.

                               Rating:                B -
©  2006 by C. E. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.