Dalee Henderson was a successful hair stylist who had several
  celebrity clients. He earned a screen credit on the Michael Caine vehicle
BLAME IT ON RIO and became respected within the entertainment
  industry to land an invitation from no less than Oprah Winfrey to appear
  on her talk show in 1986. Everything seemed to be going well for
  Henderson and then the shoe dropped. In 1987, he learned he was
  HIV positive. Gradually the effects of the infection would become
  evident and he ultimately succumbed to complications from the disease.
  But before he died, he was able to see a cut of Mialyn Hanna's  portrait

          Hanna traces the arc of the man's life from his youth through the
  years of success to his eventual decline. She intercuts footage of
  interviews with Henderson -- who emerges as a bon vivant and a
  genuinely nice individual -- with stories from those who knew him.
  It all works to create a picture of a man who overcame racism and
  homophobia to rise to the top of his profession. Henderson may not be
  a household name, but his story is certainly worth telling and in Mialyn
  Hanna he was lucky to have found his Boswell. She does a remarkable
  job of crafting a loving look at the man.

                                         Rating:                 B
©  2006 by C. E. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.
White Shadows