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  Written and directed by "Kids in the Hall" member Bruce McCulloch,
chances. The topnotch cast elevates what easily could have been a
Lifetime television movie.

  Walter Pearce (Ray Liotta) appears to have it all, a loving wife
Deborah (Glenne Headley) and two grown daughters Chloe (Rachel
Blanchard) and Christine (Brooke Nevin). But from the film's outset, it's
clear something is a little off. Chloe's longtime boyfriend (the underused
Brendan Fehr) decides to propose during Walter and Deborah's
anniversary dinner, it seems like a romantic gesture. Walter has to go
and ruin it all by confessing an indiscretion that leads to his being
thrown out of his home.

  Meanwhile next door, hotshot quarterback Skylar (Shaun Sipos)
is trying to cope with a possible career breaking knee injury. Skylar
has a history with Christine -- he agreed to take her to the prom,
but not to "go with her," showing up with another girl. (Shades of the
Clintonian parsing of the verb "is!")

  Eventually, Walter and Skylar end up rooming together at Skylar's
home, bonding, plotting ways to effect a reconciliation between
Walter and Deborah, and occasionally spying on the women next

  The film is a gentle comedy -- there aren't that many laugh out
loud moments, but there are a few nicely observed details. Unfortunately,
the plotting is fairly obvious -- one can easily predict where the movie
is going to wind up. Still, thanks to its cast, Sipos, Headley and
particularly Liotta,
COMEBACK SEASON is an affable and
breezy joy ride.

                          Rating:                C +