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Annabelle Gurwitch

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                           Psychologists say
                           that getting fired               
                            stress inducers any
                           one person may
                           experience. The                 
                            loss of a job can
                           cause people to do strange
things. They can get depressed, they can feel
unworthy, they can turn the experience into
something empowering. In 2003, actress
Annabelle Gurwitch (perhaps best known to TV
viewers as one of the hosts and writers of the
TBS series
"DINNER & A MOVIE") was fired
from the off-Broadway play
its writer Woody Allen, who informed her that
her acting wasn't funny and that when she
delivered certain lines she looked "retarded."

Gurwitch was understandably upset (who
wouldn't be?), but instead of, oh say sticking
pins in a voodoo doll, she sought to address
the issue with her usual humor. She began to
collect stories about people getting fired from
other show business jobs and gradually
expanded the idea to just about anyone who
was willing to tell their tale. What resulted was
a book, off-Broadway show and now a
quasi-documentary all called

There are interviews with celebrities like Anne
Meara and Fred Willard, snippets of the stage
show with the likes of Ileanna Douglas and
actor-playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis, and
sequences of Gurwitch attending job fairs,
consulting with "outplacement counselors" and
interviews with regular people who have lost
their jobs.

Some scenes hit the mark and are very
humorous while others are less so. The film
rambles a bit in places and its structure is very
loose and unformed leaving
something of a misfire.
Rating:                C
MPAA Rating:    None
Running time:    71 mins.