THE  METHOD (El Método)
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The streets of Madrid are awash with protesters
demonstrating against globalization and a G8
meeting. That's the backdrop against which a
group of seven ambitious corporate types arrive
at a (fictional) Spanish company, all with the
goal of landing a plum job. They will be whittled
down to one by the "Grönholm Method,"
a reportedly controversial technique that relies
on group dynamics and other tests to determine
the best qualified candidate. That's the premise
of Jordi Galcerán Ferrer's successful stage play
EL MÉTODO which has been adapted for the
screen by both screenwriter Mateo Gil and
director Marcelo Piñeyro.

Several years ago, Piñeyro made the heist film
BURNT MONEY (Plata quemada) which
featured Eduardo Noriega and Pablo Echarri.
Those actors are reunited with the director in
THE METHOD. Noriega stars as Carlos, one of
the seven finalists for the position at the Dekia
Corporation. When he arrives for the group
interview, which is overseen by Montse (Natalia
Verbeke), Carlos discovers that one of the other
candidates is Nieves (Najwa Nimri who
co-stared with Noriega in
with whom he once shared a one-night stand.
While there are hints of residual feelings
(despite the passage of some three years), the
duo are aware that they are in competition.

The candidates' day begin with the completion
of forms that suspiciously resemble ones they
have already filled out. Then the real fun begins
as one by one, those deemed unworthy are
picked off and dismissed. While the film is
basically confined to one set, a large conference
room and its surroundings, the filmmakers have
managed to keep the action moving and
obfuscate its theatrical origins. The cast all do a
fine job, with Echarri, Noriega and Nimri
emerging as the most memorable.

Undoubtedly some enterprising American film
company will either undertake a remake or will
pitch it as a new reality show (it's
The Apprentice!). But why wait for the
knock-off when you can see the very fine

Rating:                B
Running time:      115 mins.

           Viewed on DVD
as Nieves, Eduardo Noriega as Carlos, Pablo Echarri as
Fernando and Ernesto Alterio as Enrique in
THE METHOD (El Método)

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