(Ne le dis à personne)

Guillaume Canet co-wrote and directed this intriguing thriller based on a
best-selling book by American writer Harlan Coben.
begins as Alex (François Cluzet), a pediatrician,
and his wife Margot (Marie-Josée Croze) enjoy a vacation by a lake. The
pair were childhood sweethearts and the area holds special memories for
them from their halcyon days. But the reverie is shattered and Alex is left
coping with his wife's murder, ostensibly at the hands of a serial killer.

Eight years on, Alex is still mourning Margot's loss. He functions well at his
job and he has a great relationship with his sister (Marina Hinds), a
competitive horsewoman, and her wealthy lesbian lover (Kristin Scott
Thomas). Things begin to get a bit dicey, though, when several strange
event occur. First, two dead bodies have been located near the lake and
with them a bloodied baseball bat that may have been used on Alex on the
night of his wife's murder. More ominously, Alex has begun to receive
emails containing video footage of a woman who looks suspiciously like

The police, who initially suspected Alex in his wife's death, are now
investigating his possible connection to the bodies they found. There was
always one curious detail about his story on the night his wife died: he
claimed to have been hit and fallen in the water, unconscious, but when the
police arrived, he was on dry ground.

When acquaintances of his begin to turn up dead, Alex emerges as the
prime suspect. He's also being chased by some shadowy figures. Despite
the entreaties of his high-powered lawyer (Nathalie Baye), who was hired by
his sister's lover, Alex goes on the run, abetted by Bruno (Gilles Lellouche),
a slightly unsavory parent of one of his patients.

The plot is complex and includes several twists and I know some of the
those who saw the film when I did found the story too implausible. I would
respectfully disagree. I was completely caught up in the drama and the
pieces fit together like a jigsaw.

Canet proves to be a masterful director with his actors, eliciting strong work
across the board. Perhaps he called on a few favors in order to land several
high profiles figures (like Baye, Jean Rochefort, and Jalil Lespert) in
relatively small roles, but their presence lend strength to the story. Cluzet
anchors the movie with a wonderful turn as the baffled Alex who gradually
begins to unravel a deeper mystery. He's ably supported by Scott Thomas,
Hinds, François Berleand and André Dussolier, among others. Canet even
gave himself a juicy cameo.

TELL NO ONE flags a bit near the end as the complicated plot strands
unfold, but for those along for the ride, it proves to be a superb and
entertaining thriller.

Rating:        B+
© 2007 by C.E. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.
as Margot Beck in
Tell No One / Ne le dis à personne
Directed by Guillaume Canet, 2006; 126m

Photo Credit: EuropaCorp. Distribution