A very low-budget drama about the developing relationship
        between two high school students,
        usual stereotypes of coming-of-age teen romances. Memphis-based
        writer-director Morgan Jon Fox  presents this love story with a
        refreshingly simple approach.

                Sam (Joshua Peter Laurenzi) is first presented as a fairly typical
        teenager, asking his parents for money for guitar lessons. He has a
        seemingly healthy sex life with his girlfriend Arielle (Alex Booth) yet
        he's also sensitive enough to write down his innermost thoughts in
        a journal. Soon, however, Sam is spending more and more time
        with Julien (Paul Foster), the son of an obviously caring single
        mother (Emily Fry). Before long, Sam and Julien are sharing secrets
        and growing closer, but each finds it difficult to articulate exactly
        what he is feeling. Sam expresses himself through his writing, and
        when he shares his most intimate thoughts -- his journal -- with
        Julien, it is as if he's exposing himself to the entire world. The moment
        is heartbreaking, especially since Julien is so taken aback at
        first that he cannot express his own feelings. When he finally does,
        it's to an empty room.

                Because Fox shot the film on a microbudget, the movie has an
        experimental feel to it, but actually works in context. Since audiences
        are conditioned to Hollywood films, it may take a little time to get
        used to the look and texture of
        time, the movie achieves a delicate quality. There's a great deal of
        originality and are that went into making the film and it shows. The
        mostly nonprofessional cast excel in their roles, with particular kudos
        to the leads Joshua Peter Laurenzi and Paul Foster, who deliver honest
        and moving performances. Emily Fry as Julien's mother also has severa
        memorable moments.

Rating:                         B        
MPAA Rating:             NONE
Running time:             91 mins.

                    Viewed at NewFest, Loews Cineplex Entertainment
                                        34th St. Theater
                    NYC Premiere
                      Screened with 12-minute short

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