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In Bed
(En la cama)
L to R : Blanca Lewin as Daniela and Gonzalo Valenzuela as Bruno in
In Bed, Matías Bize, Chile/Germany, 2005; 85 min.

Released theatrically in 2001, better than sex was an enjoyable
Australian movie that took the intriguing premise of a one-night stand and
spread it out over a long weekend with the possibility that the main
characters might have developed a relationship. So when I read the
synopsis for
In Bed (En la cama), I thought perhaps that I might be
seeing a sort of unofficial remake. In many ways,
In Bed fits that bill but
pales in comparison.

Written by Julio Rojas and directed by Matías Bize, In Bed begins almost
like a porn film, there are moans and grunts while the camera eventually
reveals two bodies in the throes of passion. Eventually the audience is
introduced to Daniela (Blanca Lewin) and Bruno (Gonzalo Valenzuela)
who at first don't even know one another's names. The premise is that
they met earlier in the evening, hooked up and are now faced with the
awkward need to converse after having sex. As expected, there are
revelations, discussions, a couple of more go-rounds and a tentative

The attractive leads do what they can with the script that includes a
couple of clichés (including the almost di rigeur "the condom broke"). Bize
attempts to make the material interesting, but there's only so much one
can do with one set. The surprise revelations are rather trite and the whole
theme that you can tell a stranger your most intimate secrets because you
are unlikely to see one another again has been done before, and done

Rating:                C -