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Toi et Moi
(You & Me)
L to R : Julie Depardieu as Ariane
and Marion Cotillard as Léna in

Toi et Moi
Julie Lopes-Curval, France, 2005;
94 min.

       The French comedy Toi et Moi (You & Me) centers on a pair of
sisters who couldn't be more different. In some ways, it reminded me
of the far superior
Les Soeurs fâchées (Me and My Sister) which also
depicted a tumultuous relationship between siblings.

       Toi et Moi doubles as the name of the magazine for which Ariane
(Julie Depardieu) works, writing serial photo-novels about love. Like
an American Harlequin novel, there are certain rules and regulations
she must follow, like the hero has to be wealthy. Ariane uses these
tales to embellish on her own relationship as well as that of her sister,
Léna (Marion Cotillard), a cellist with a local orchestra.

       Ariane loves Fahrid (Tomer Sisley), a businessman who pays her
no regard and won't (or can't) make any sort of commitment after several
years of dating and casual sex. Léna lives with François (Eric Berger),
a stalwart sort who doesn't really excite her any longer.

       Each woman meets another man who shakes up their lives: Ariane
encounters handyman Pablo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) who is doing work
on an apartment in her building, while Léna meets violin master Mark
(Jonathan Zaccaï) who sparks a desire in her to not only fall in love but
to better herself as a musician.

        Writer-director Julie Lopes Curval, though, succumbs to some of the
same formulae that Ariane must employ and the film suffers for it.
Toi et Moi is a frothy confection that has some enjoyable moments.

                                        Rating:        B -